Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense: 04/01/2008 - 05/01/2008

Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

A look at my frog collectibles as I get them and my wacky world in the meantime.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Frog of the Day

Frog Shower Curtain
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
It's been such a hectic week already - so it's nice that today the Frog Wrangler and I can have a little down time. I can't believe that it's the last day of April. A list of errands sit on my desk but I think everything can just wait until next month! lol Tomorrow will be a busy day - so thought I'd do a little singing in the shower with today's frogs to get ready......

This frog item is a shower curtain. I found this at the local dollar store and I can honestly say I've never seen a thinner shower curtain! It is adorned with frogs on lily pads and has some frogs with musical notes around them with the words Hello Frog.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning Day

Today is Spring Cleaning Day here in Tidy Town. You can pile as much trash as you want at the curb and it doesn't cost any extra. So bright and early this morning I headed to the basement to finish breaking up boxes from when I first moved here and to bag up stuff that the previous people who lived here left. I ended up with about a dozen bags of trash and 15 boxes of broken up boxes. The neighbors have been likewie packing the curb with boxes and bags, so we've talked about all the stuff that's collected over the last year and needed to be cleaned out. I still have the weekly trash bag to take out as well as a big box from what I've cleaned out of my office. I think some of my neighbors are a bit impressed with the length and height to which my pile is becoming out there! LOL

The Frog Wrangler is doing better today. She's resting quite a bit and no return of her dizzy spells. Thanks to all of you who wrote asking about her and wishing her well. I know that as she approaches 15 she has outlived many others of her breed. Even the vet says he is amazed at her longevity. It's lots of love and of course - treats! So as long as she's happy and comfortable I'll make sure she gots all the love and attention she wants and can stand. I don't have unrealistic expectations though and I know her final days are approaching. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it and enjoy each and every day in the meantime. That's about the best we can do.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a quick entry

Today has started out bad and gotten worse as the day has gone on. The Frog Wrangler had a really bad morning and had a period were she couldn't stand. Lots of support and one of her pain pills and she's now resting comfortably. She was back on her feet pretty quickly but still a scary time. Then I did a load of laundry and the drain is blocked - so the plumber is coming back tomorrow morning to take care of that. In the meantime I had to wring out all the items in the washer by hand. I decided the rest of the day I'm sitting in my chair and not moving! LOL

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Miniature Goat

Petting Zoo
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
Just returned from the Earth Day Festival here in town - free hot dogs! I'm not a hot dog fan, but you can be sure I came away full. While there I got a bunch free items - reusable cloth grocery bags, compact flourescent light bulbs, and lots of information. They had a petting zoo for the kids - which consisted of a couple adult miniature goats and 4 or 5 baby goats. I could not believe how small those baby goats were. They couldn't have stood more than 12 inches tall! It was a lot of fun watching them run around.

The weather here was nice too. It's only about 60 degrees, but sunny which feels good when you're sitting out in the middle of a field watching baby goats run around! LOL

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
The Wrangler and I are settling back down after another earthquake this morning. I don't know if it's still considered an aftershock since so much time has passed since the first one, but it's still just as scary! The Wrangler has had a pretty good week - she loves the air conditioning and has moved her pillows to the edge of the grate. She was a bit annoyed with me today because I got into a big project in the den - going through boxes of recipe clippings. Came across a lot of interesting recipes that I'd like to try. In the meantime I think the Wrangler and I are going to take a nap this afternoon and catch up on some z's.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Frog of the Day

Radko - Million Dollar Frog
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
I know it's a bit late in the day for the Frog of the Day, but finally I'm feeling a bit better. So better late than never. The Frog Wrangler has been dutifully keeping a vigil over me as I grunt and groan trying to move. I gotta stop all that late night partying - LOL! (I was in bed by 11 last night - right after Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert).

So have you thought about what would make a great Radko Ornament. You must have some ideas. The people at Radko would really like to hear our input.

This frog collectible is from Christopher Radko and is called Million Dollar Frog. A great ornament that is in it's second year of production. I'm looking forward to adding this one to my collection!

Waiting for the pain killers to work

Yesterday I spent relaxing and enjoying the feel of the air conditioner keeping the Frog Wrangler and I cool. The plumber showed up Tuesday night and pulled apart from the air conditioner and said the problem was that I had a pregnant capacitor - I jokingly said does that mean I'll be having baby air conditioners. He was not amused and started a long explanation of just what a pregnant capacitor was - I really didn't care as long as it was fixed. Being that the house is so small, when you run the oven it heats up the place quick. So after he left I put some pork chops in the oven and ended up turning on the air for about an hour to cool the place back off.

Yesterday the temps were in the 80's here and really muggy, so by the afternoon I had the windows closed and the air on - I tell you, it was fixed just in the nick of time! Today is supposed to be really muggy so I'm just leaving the air on until after the rains. Then it will hopefully be back to a little more seasonable weather.

I planned on going to the circus this morning to watch the tents go up, but my back had other plans. So instead I decided to get my list out for making tropical fruitcake and getting my order in for the fruits and nuts. The recipe looks delicious and I can't wait to find out how this is going to taste. In the meantime, I'm sitting here waiting for the pain killers to kick in so I can get this day started......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

A lot of celebrations are taking place across the nation. The one here in town is being held this next Saturday to allow more people to attend. The weather here has turned hot and muggy for a couple of days but with the windows open I'm getting a nice cross breeze. So as long as it doesn't get too hot for the Wrangler we'll be good. The plumber is coming this afternoon to service the air conditioner and change filters. I know it's not earth friendly to run the air conditioner but it gets way too hot here to do without it. Those who do I commend, but I don't know how they stand it. I get visibly overheated, turning a nice shade of beet red if it gets too hot.

So yesterday and already this morning I've been continuing with my spring cleaning. Using earth friendly biodegradable products for the most part. I like that British show How Clean is Your House with the cleaning ladies who give lots of tips on how to clean everything in an environmentally friendly way. Lemon and salt are really good cleaners in the bathroom. Spread some salt on half a lemon and scrub. Not only cleans but gives a nice lemony clean smell when you're done.

Anyway, there are lots of websites out there to help you get green in small ways - do check some of them out. Lets do our part to help save the planet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Frog of the Day

They say that in comedy timing is everything. Late last night - early this morning - I couldn't stop laughing. With my back as bad as it is, it's tough changing positions from one side to the other in bed. So I woke up at some point and my back was aching from laying in one position so I struggled around and finally was ready to plop into a more comfortable position. Just as my butt hit the bed the house started shaking - a 4.7 magnitude aftershock hit. Well I thought this a bit funny and started giggling. Well then I couldn't stop. The Frog Wrangler was not amused.

So this morning I was still giggling a bit over the whole thing as I got up and started my morning routine. I let the Frog Wrangler out to do her "business" and was watching the cardinals play in the hedge, calling to one another. When the Wrangler came back inside she went right over to her treat jar as usual. I noticed a white spot on her back and I thought to myself "Gee, I don't remember any white flowers out there." So I reached over to pick it off and only then did I realize it was bird poop. I said aloud to her "A bird pooped on you." It was at that moment that my pet bird - a cockatiel who likes to mimic vocalizations - started mimicking my laughter. So once again I couldn't help but laugh. I hope this is all a good omen for how the rest of the day is going to go!

This frog item is from Grow Your Own and is Freddie the Frog. You put the frog in water and it will expand to 600 times it's current size. There is quite a collection of these Grow Your Own items - Freddie the Frog is the 90th in the series. I'll have to see about getting another one of these so we can try it out. I received this little guy recently.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Nice Day in Southern Illinois

After all the rain and a day of earthquakes, we finally got a really nice day here at Frog Central. It's supposed to hit 70 degrees today and the sun is out. My lawn guy showed up and has just finished cleaning up the yard and making everything look nice and manicured. All I have to do now is a little clean-up in the flower beds and things should be good for the summer.

Last night I decided to make some ice cream with my new KitchenAid attachment. I found a recipe on line that didn't require making a custard base. You just threw the ingredients in and away you go. Unfortunately it tasted like Cool Whip straight from the freezer. Well, the only thing to do today is make a pumpkin pie! lol I guess next time I'll use a more traditional recipe.

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm Exhausted!

This last week has been a lot of work in my office, but looking around I see quite a bit of work yet to do! And when did the venacular change from den to office. I kind of like calling my little getaway here a den - that terminology seems better suited to a house. Anyway, today I'm taking off from the redecorating project of my office to catch up on some other errands. I've already been to the post office, bank, pharmacy, and grocery store. This afternoon I have to go pick up my co-op food order. Walmart, which has been doing an agressive green campaign, is handing out nylon reusable bags. It would have been nice to see a more natural material - but their trying and I got another nice re-usable grocery bag to use.

And it's raining here again today - my lawn guy is thinking he's never going to get any work this summer!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
The Frog Wrangler has had a good week but she's been a bit perturbed the last couple of days by how much time I've spent in my office. Although she does like the new desk and has crawled into the leg space to curl up while I work on the computer. Here she is having just woke up from a nap and is still a bit wobbly on her feet, a bit woozy. It takes her a bit of time to wake up and get herself oriented.

This morning she made a mad dash to my bedside when the earthquake hit. The aftershocks didn't seem to bother her much until the 4.7. I know how she feels - your heart goes into your throat for a minute when it happens. I don't know how the people in California live with it going on all the time.

My New Desk

My New Desk
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
So here it is! My beautiful new desk. I bought it at Office Depot - called their Sky Alder Computer Desk. It took about 8 hours to get it all together and the computer set up. I like the look of the desk top sitting about an inch up from the cabinet portions - gives it the look of floating. Now I have the fun of filling all the drawers!


About 4:30 this morning I was almost shaken right out of bed. A 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit. A strange feeling to have the whole house shaking around you when your groggy. I can tell you it wakes you up in a hell of a hurry! We've felt quite a few aftershocks, most around a 2.6 magnitude. Then about 10:00 we had one that was 4.5 that lasted about a minute. The Frog Wrangler's eyes got big as saucers as she stood there looking at me as if to say "What the hell is going on?"

I've been off for a couple of days because of some reorganization in my office area. I ordered a new desk and so I had to clear everything out and get things all cleaned up and ready to go. The desk was supposed to be here yesterday morning but didn't arrive until almost 5 last evening. I worked on getting it together until about 9 last night and then decided to stop and get a fresh start today. So another 4 hours of working on it this morning and planning just where I wanted everything to be placed. Finally, I think everthing is set. I've got some pictures of the great desk I'll put up later, as well as the Friday Dog Blogging. It feels good to get thing back to normal!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ice Cream

I don't know what it is about that yummy treat, but it is one of my favorites. Every now and then I love to go down to the DQ and get one of their Blizzard treats. Ice cream has become really expensive to buy in the supermarket and so much of it tastes like the box it came in. So one of the first attachments I wanted for my KitchenAid mixer was for making ice cream. Today the UPS guy showed up with a present from AB - the ice cream maker for my KitchenAid. I've got the bowl in the freezer getting ready and tomorrow morning I'm going to go get the things I need to make some vanilla ice cream. I thought that would be a good way to get started. Yumm - I haven't had homemade ice cream since I was a kid and we would watch my grandfather turn the hand crank, packing down the ice and rock salt - how things have changed - only 25 to 30 minutes of the machine doing all the work and I'll have a 1/2 gallon of ice cream ready to enjoy. I can hardly wait. Thanks AB!!

Trash Day

I decided that since today was trash day I would make a run at trying to make some sense of my office - also known as the ladybug room (the previous people decorated the entire room in a ladybug theme - ugh!). I got quite a few boxes cleaned out, a couple packed up, and in the process took back the majority of the room. Still a bit of things to go through, but several huge boxes went to the curb. I wasn't even back to the door when a truck stopped at the curb and they were pawing through it. It's been about a half hour since I took the trash out and I've seen three other cars pull up. By nightfall even the boxes may be gone!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Frog of the Day

Faces in the Woods - Frog
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
Monday morning and the Frog Wrangler and I are ready and raring to go! We've been busy already this morning - me running the vacuum cleaner and the Wrangler shedding as fast as can right behind me! lol. I made a big batch of BBQ chicken this weekend so I shouldn't have to cook most of this week. Along with some hush puppies - delicious. If only I had some cole slaw it would have been complete.

This frog item is really cute. It is from Red Carpet Studios and is their Faces in the Woods line. This frog can be attached to a tree or the side of a house. A great addition to the collection!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Rainy Day

Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
It's grey and overcast again today. Ugh! And just to make things a bit more exciting it's cold enough that a bit of snow may be mixed in. The spring flowers are all in bloom - it's supposed to be in the 70's and getting warmer. Such is life. I received an e-mail from a friend this morning telling me about his keeping of live frogs - and so I spent the morning checking out the links he sent me. While I think for now I will be content keeping the collectibles, I would love to have one of these rain forest terrariums - absolutely georgous. This picture is from Black Jungle. Amazing stuff! They also have a lot of directions on how to make them.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
The Frog Wrangler has had a so-so week. A couple days where all she wanted to do was sleep. Even when she gets up some energy it isn't for very long. I took this after she brought one of her toys to me. A little tug of war and then I give the toy a little toss for her to run after it. She decided that there was no need to go running after it, that a nap was more in order. Her head picked up a bit when she saw the camera come out - always ready for a close-up!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comment Section Update

Apparently when blogger switched from its old system to the new, it blocked the ability for people to leave comments unless they had a google account. I've now remedied that so anyone can leave a comment. I hope you'll leave a comment on the Radko ornament below of what type of ornament you would like to see made.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
And my are they delicious! It's been a rainy, miserable day here and both the Frog Wrangler and I just wanted to kick back and relax a bit. This afternoon a bit of gumption kicked in and I brought out the KitchenAid mixer and did up a batch of peanut butter cookies. Now I have lots of dough in the refrigerator - I tend to make up just a small amount at a time. That way they are nice and warm and fresh out of the oven. Yummy! They'll be great to munch on during Survivor tonight.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Frog of the Day

Radko - BellaFroggie
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
I'm sore from head to toe today. Yesterday was busier than ever. And in the midst of household chores I tackled the 10 pounds of onions in the refrigerator. They've all been chopped and are in the freezer. Well, so I thought until I went into the little sliding drawer last night for some cheese and there sat a small 3 pound bag of onions - taunting me. They'll have to wait for another day. It was nice enough yesterday to open a window for awhile, but last night after I went to bed all I could smell was onions!

RADKO UPDATE - I had sent an e-mail to Radko saying that I would love to see a finial ornament with a frog on top. I know a lot of frog lovers like to make an all frog tree and it would be nice to have a topper that had a frog on it. I received a reply that they loved the idea and passed it on to their development team. Further, they would love to know whay you think would make a great idea for a frog ornament. So use the comment section to give them your best ideas of what you would like to see and who knows, in the future you just might!

This frog collectible is a great Radko ornament. It is called Bella Froggie and will be available this year. This style of ornament used to be called Italian, but the manufacture of them was moved to Romania. Now it is called Free-Blown style. It is a whopping 9 inches tall and retails for $100.00.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Frog of the Day

Frog Tub Appliques
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
The Frog Wrangler is feeling much better. Thanks to all of you who sent e-mails worrying about her. She started perking up yesterday evening and today she's been all over the place, seeing just how much mischief she can get in to.

This morning when I let her out a female cardinal was on the porch railing (that porch railing is quite the hang out for the birds!). I gave a couple short whistles mimicking the call that the males make and she came right up to the door, checking me out. She decided the sound and sight didn't match and took off to the shrub hedge soon to be chased around the hedge by a male cardinal.

This frog item is a set of 4 non-slip bath tub appliques from Regent Products Corp. Frogs are definately fun - but they can also be functional. I found these this last week in my travels about town.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Frog of the Day

This morning I spent with a dog in my lap wanting to be comforted. The Frog Wrangler had a bad day yesterday and it is extending into today. She's resting comfortably now on her pillows, so hopefully the worst is over. The weather here has gotten really nice over the weekend and today it's supposed to hit 70 degrees! A lone hyacinth is up in the side yard. I forgot about it last year - I meant to dig it up and put it in the flower beds. Maybe this year. I've gotten bitten by the desire to start spring cleaning. Guess I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day.

This frog item was found at the local dollar store during my visit last week. It is from Pacific Enterprises and is part of their Yardwork Originals line. It is a frog playing a banjo. A cute little guy that just begged to come home with me......

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pregnancy testing destroys frog species worldwide

Today's St. Louis Newspaper's Explore section has a front page story by Jeffrey Bonner tells how over 50 percent of the known species of frogs are in danger of going extinct in our lifetime and the race to try and save some of these species before they are gone forever. Where do we humans come as the catalyst into this tragic story - in the 1940's and 1950's the African clawed frog were harvested throughout Africa and sent around the world to be used for early pregnancy testing. What was not known at the time was that the African clawed frog carried the lethal fungus that is now descimating other frog species. The African clawed frog had developed a natural immunity to the disease - probably through that much maligned process known as evolution. Worse yet, the fungal disease is so slow moving that it probably never would have made it out of Africa had we not intervened. Let's hope that the Frog Project that is going on at the St. Louis Zoo and other zoos around the nation will be successful in saving at least some of these beautiful creatures.

This article is very informative and gives some steps of positive action that is being taken and I urge everyone to go to STLtoday

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday Dog Blogging

Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
I told you it would be a lazy day today! The Frog Wrangler here is laying against the wall where I have my computer. She hates when I move from room to room because that means she has to get up and move to a new spot. In each room she has her favorite spot where she rest and still keep an eye on me.

When I first saw the Wrangler at the pound, she was the only dog to come to the front of the cages, so I asked if I could see her out of the cage. When they opened the door, she, at that time just a 4 month old pup, jumped up and put her front paws around my leg and wouldn't let go. For the next 3 or 4 months, that's how I walked around my house - with a dog attached to my leg! Slowly she realized that she didn't have to be quite so clingy. But then as now, almost 15 years later, she still has to be in the same room as me. That's how she got the name Shadow. Of course, here in the blog she's the Frog Wrangler - and that's pretty apt too.


It's been a crazy couple of days. Yesterday I had to run a number of errands around town and finished up at Walmart picking up some treats for the Frog Wrangler. I was exhausted by the time I got home but was glad to get so much done. I plopped in front of the television to watch Survivor - I'm getting tired of it to tell you the truth, they need to find something new to keep it interesting.

This morning I felt like I'd been hit by a Mac truck. I could barely get out of bed. All that running around yesterday. Add to that it's raining here - AGAIN!! - which does wonders for keeping the joints aching, and I think today will be a slow day for both the Wrangler and I.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Frog of the Day

Radko - Frog Song Cookie Jar
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
I received a beautiful catalog from Marie at Christopher Radko with all the items that they have available for the year. The ornaments are absolutely gorgeous. Then I turned the page and voila! - more froggies that you can put around your house. And I do love cookie jars - as long as they are filled with cookies..........

This is from Christopher Radko and is a Frog Song Cookie Jar. It plays Jingle Bells. The design is reminiscent of the ornament entitled Ribbit Reader. This is part of their Home For The Holiday's Frog Song Collection. It reatails for $175. Check with your local Radko dealer or you can check out everything Radko by going to their website -

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Frog of the Day

Radko - Majesty's Kiss
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
After I posted yesterday's frog I had to turn off the computer because of thunder and lightning. Another day of torrential downpour - the lawn just can't take any more water - it's a swimming pool out there. I'm surprised that there aren't a lot of frogs out there hopping around.

I know I've put the picture that I received from Christopher Radko up for this ornament, but over the weekend it actually arrived, so wanted to show you the actual ornament. It is Radko's Majesty's Kiss. It is a limited edition piece and each one is numbered. Mine is number 30 or 3000. A great piece. Wait until you see some of the other frogs that Radko has in store for this year - some really nice items to be sure!

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