Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense: 06/01/2011 - 07/01/2011

Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

A look at my frog collectibles as I get them and my wacky world in the meantime.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Dog Blogging

Gertie by KenCalvino
Gertie, a photo by KenCalvino on Flickr.

Yesterday was a busy day for Gertie and I. It was like Grand Central Station around here. We no more than got up when a delivery man showed up with my Staples order. Next was the Fedex man. The tree man showed up later. Followed by the UPS guy. Along with the mailman and the newspaper girl - it was a pretty busy day around here.

Gertie was tuckered out and couldn't wait to take a little nap. Her back-end didn't get the message though! lol This has become a pretty common way for her to take a little rest.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another day in paradise

Last evening, just as I sat down to watch Keith on Current TV, there came a knock at the door. It was the tree guy to tell me that he was coming by in the morning to trim the trees back from storm damage and generally get things straightened up and he wanted to be sure that would be alright with me. Sure I said.

This morning about 6 a.m. I'm sound asleep and Gertie's at the foot of the bed when I'm woken up by the sound of a chain saw. Yep, he was there at 6 a.m. Now I'm writing apologies to send to all my neighbors!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who Knew

I have a horrible bathtub. I have ever since I moved here. Every time I take a shower I end up ankle deep in water. I hate that. I've poured drain cleaner down the drain multiple times. I spent one whole day pouring scalding hot water down the drain. All to no effect.

This morning I hopped in the tub and while I was taking a shower, the little joystick that controls the tub drain caught my attention. It was sticking straight out and even up a little. I thought that didn't look right. I grabbed the joystick and pushed down - and voila, the tub drained rather fast. No more ankle deep water while showering. I feel like I should sit in the corner with a dunce cap on!

I've been having some trouble with the Schwan's people. Last Wednesday I placed an order for delivery. They told me it would be delivered Friday. So I hung around all day and finally about 7 p.m. I called them and asked when he was going to arrive. I was told it would be Tuesday (today). I was more than a little ticked off. And I told them so - by repeatedly slamming the phone down on my desk and then hanging up. Over the top, I know - but I was having a bad day and that just hit me the wrong way. I finally told them I didn't care if he showed up or not - I had errands to run. And I ran them.

I hit the post office drive through to send out last of the month bills. I went over to the doctor's office for my vitamin B12 shot. Guess what - there's a national shortage of vitamin B12. I'm taking the pill form now. I like that better. Then it was off to Walmart. I haven't been there to do shopping in quite a while and it took quite a bit of time to make it around and just get some basics. I made it home and flopped down in the chair after getting all the groceries away to have the Schwan's man pull in the driveway. I almost told him that I didn't want it, but I really like their ice cream. I took the order and told him if I wanted another I would let him know. He didn't know about all the trouble I was having and he said that he is only in town every other Tuesday. Good to know. But I'm still really pissed off at the company.

The best news ever is that Keith Olberman is back on television. It made my night last night and tonight to hear that theme song, knowing that I'd get a good dose of unvarnished news.

I'm working on the camera situation so that I can get back to frogs - feel free to donate towards a new camera - it will be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Dad by KenCalvino
Dad, a photo by KenCalvino on Flickr.

This is the last picture I have of my dad. He didn't know he was my dad for the last couple years of his life - that's Alzheimer's. I lost my dad when his memories went, I lost him again on April 18, 2011 when he passed away. And today, I feel like I've lost him all over again - my first father's day without my dad. I love and miss you dad. May the angels hug you for me today and everyday.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Dog Blogging


It's been a heck of a week here at Frog Central. And since this is my third time writing this and trying to get it post, you'll have to take my word for it! Alright, I hurt my foot again - quite unintentionally. My camera broke - the little door that holds the batteries fell off. And Flickr is once again - not working! If I didn't have several thousand pictures there I would consider finding someplace else!

Gertie! Yeah, I wrote about her too in the last couple attempts to post. Shorthand - she's now afraid of thunder and I'm trying consistency of a normal routine when it thunders and ignoring the sound altogether to see if she gets her confidence back because she's just a little scared in that she wants to be right next to me or in my lap no matter what I'm doing including when I'm in the bathroom. And yes I wrote that all in one sentence on purpose. Can you tell I'm a little annoyed with Flickr? Just another week at Frog Central - hope your week was a better one!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Frog of the Day

The heat wave finally broke here at Frog Central and all the frogs are hopping about in joy. I'm happy the air conditioner can take a bit of a breather! It's Monday and the start of a busy week - but I can't get started without sharing a beautiful frog collectible from the collection.

This frog collectible is from the good people at Hamilton. This is the third in the Hope Hops Here Art Glass Collection. It is entitled Leap of Faith for a Cure. It is a limited edition, individually numbered piece and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This piece is numbered 0534. I like that a portion of the sale of each of these pieces is donated to breast cancer research. As you can see, this frog sports the pink ribbon on its back. I received this piece December 2010.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Frog of the Day

It's Thursday! I've come to love Thursday's because I order from one of our local restaurants a steak sandwich. It is phenomenal - smothered in peppers and onions. I don't eat out a lot, but I do enjoy that sandwich, just $4.99!

The heat here is now going on 2 weeks and is still just as terrible - high 90's every single day and the night time temps may get down to the upper 70's. Thank goodness for air conditioning. It may be expensive to run the air conditioner all the time, but there's something to be said for being comfortable!

This frog collectible is from Hamilton Collection. They've had a number of different frog collections going at the same time. This is from their Adopt-A-Frog Collection and is called Barking Tree Frog. It is a glass, limited edition piece. The number on this piece is 0148A. I received this December 2010.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hazy, Hot, Humid and Cicadas!

The temps have been soaring to the high 90's with heat indexes over 100. The weather has been crazy - and when you step outside you get cicada bugs jumping all over. I felt bad for my lawn guy today - the sound of mowers seems to call them. He was getting pelted all over the place out there.

My plumber was here yesterday double checking my air conditioner. I didn't want any problems to crop up this year like the end of last year. Thankfully, everything is ok - a quick filter change and I should be set for the summer. He'll be back in the fall for the furnace cleaning and check-up. It's the life of the furnace and air conditioner and just something you have to do.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Gunsmoke reruns will never be the same

It was sad to hear that James Arness died today. I grew up watching Gunsmoke and have enjoyed watching reruns from time to time. A lot of the old television stars are dying off - and there just don't seem to be too many good ones taking their place.

Frog of the Day

Avon - Bath Storage Bag - Frog

It's been a tough week of computer problems. I have been unable to post from my flickr account directly to blogger like I always have. I have tried everything and finally have learned to post despite flickr. It's been a hot week here at Frog Central. The rains have stopped and the 90+ degree temperatures have arrived. They will probably be here until October. It's going to be a long summer. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

This frog item is from Avon and is there Frog Bath Storage Bag. The top zips open to find a large storage area for all your bath necessities. It's made of a terrycloth like material, so if water splashes on it - not to worry. A cute addition to the collection. I received this December 2010.

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