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Friday, March 09, 2012

Frog of the Day

Avon - Frog Bank by KenCalvino
Avon - Frog Bank, a photo by KenCalvino on Flickr.

I spent yesterday taking a whole bunch of photos, but it was a dark and dreary day, so nothing really came out well. Not that today's really came out! Today it's bright and sunny yet a bit cool. My daffodils are all in blossom - way ahead of schedule. And my day lilies are almost knee high. This has been a very strange non-winter to be sure.

This frog collectible is from Avon and is their frog bank. The top has a counter that will count your coins as you drop them in and keep a running total. Pretty neat! I received this January 2012 from my mom - The Avon Lady!


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