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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Thunderstorm

This morning about 2 a.m. Gertie and I were awoken to the distant sound of thunder. Gertie's not totally afraid of thunder, but she doesn't trust it. She sat there with her eyes wide open, a little grrr each time the window filled with the flash of lightning and the inevitable roll of thunder. Needless to say it got worse - a lot worse. By about 3 a.m. the thunder and lightning was pretty constant and the rain was coming down hard. By 7 this morning the low lying lawn areas were thoroughly flooded. Of course the internet and cable were down for most of the day as a result. Today was a good day for getting back under the covers and sleeping in. Gertie was fine with that for about an hour - then it was play time.

The plumber showed up today. He thought he had been here in October to clean the furnace. Nope - he was here months earlier to clean the air conditioning. Oh well. My furnace got a good clean and he fixed the humidifier on it for now. Looks like there's a bit of work in the future to remedy a situation going bad. All I know is that right now I'm getting sick off the fumes of the oil he used to clean the furnace!

Gertie and I have about an hour before the Schwan's man arrives. I wasn't going to order from him this time since I'll soon be looking to head east for a week. But since I'm not sure which day I'll be leaving I decided to get a few necessities to hold me over. This last week I've been cleaning out my freezer of all the little bits of this and that.

Now for a quick afternoon nap.....


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