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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Paper Problems Post Script

Did I get a paper Thursday - Yes, but only because I called at 4 p.m. just to be sure that I was going to get one. I wasn't. They told me I hadn't paid my bill. Which was a lie. I told them the date the check was given to them and the date (almost an entire month earlier) that they cashed it and it was posted on my account as paid. After a brief time on hold they came back and said that they had just my first name and not my last so they didn't know who the payment belonged to. I called them on the bullshit and said I better have a paper or my money. About 10 minutes later a knock on my door and it was a delivery person with my newspaper. The drama is over - thank goodness.

I started laughing hysterically when I opened the door to let out Gertie Friday morning. There in the little metal hoops underneath my mailbox was another copy of the newspaper from the regular delivery person. Oh well - and there was no news in the paper worth relaying.


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