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Friday, October 14, 2011

Half a century, Columbus Day, and News

Columbus Day used to fall on October 12th. Always. No matter what day of the week it landed on. That made my birthday special - I was born on Columbus Day and every year parades were thrown all over the country in my honor (at least that's what I told myself - I wonder what kids who are born on Christmas tell themselves! - Some guy gives out presents to the whole world in honor of me! LOL) Anyway, the holiday was changed to land on a Monday. And Columbus is controversial. So I no longer say I was born on Columbus Day.

Half a century, the big 5-0. Or as I call it - just another day. The big traumatic birthday for me was 29 - I was on my way to 30 and life as I new it was over. Then I hit 30 and it was o.k. Now each year comes and goes and I'm happy with each and every one and each day inbetween. Cranky as hell - often. A total curmudgeon - guilty. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So if you've been missing the frogs - don't despair. As you may remember my camera broke. I decided to buy a new one for my birthday and it will be here soon. A Panasonic 14.something mega-something something something. Sounds fancy and I'm sure I'll need a day or two to figure out all the bells and whistles - but I'm hoping for better pictures with the higher MP's. Then the box of frogs I have sitting here can be put up - who knows. If the pictures are great I might have to start re-shooting some of the earlier ones - we'll see.

A lot of time has been devoted to the book this last week. I've gotten lots of new information to put in it. This thing's never going to press! Hopefully another year - maybe two. Time to get this day started.....


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