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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling Apart

I turned 50 last week and falling apart this week! LOL Yesterday I went to stand up, just stand up, and pulled the tendon in my lower left leg. Ugh! Extremely painful! Last night I had to hobble to the curb to set out trash. I might have let it go a week but there was quite a bit - a giant box filled with 3 or 4 other boxes (that had smaller boxes in them - I get way too much stuff delivered at this house! lol) plus a big bag. So about halfway down the drive to the curb I'm hobbling along when my back gave out. And as Dave Letterman often shouts - And down goes Frasier! I honestly don't know how I made it on down the drive and back into the house - sheer will I guess. I collapsed in the chair and waited for the pain to subside a bit. I was just about feeling like I could breathe again when Gertie decided that she had to jump on me with one of her favorite toys ready to play. When I regained consciousness I decided to give up and go to bed!


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