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Monday, October 03, 2011

A Cool Weekend

The temperatures here at Frog Central have turned much cooler - into the 30's and 40's overnight. Brrr! Over the weekend I wasn't feeling the greatest and all I wanted to do was stay in bed with the covers pulled up under my chin. Gertie did not appreciate that sentiment at all. Yesterday was the St. Stephens annual barbeque. I'm not catholic but they have the best chicken barbeque fundraiser and I look forward to it every year. You don't even get out of your car - just drive by and pick it up. Usually there is a line of cars waiting for two blocks. This year it was empty. The number on my ticket was 633 - I'm not sure if that's how many dinners they sold or not. And no dessert this year. Too bad. All the good events seem to be going down hill lately. Something else to blame on the economy I guess.

I drove by the ice cream place on the way home and picked up some nachos to have with my chicken. Yes, this town is very weird - the ice cream place sells nachos. Just like our bakery sells everything but baked goods. The ice cream place on the other end of town - all of a one minute drive in heavy traffic - sells great BBQ beef sandwiches and hot dogs. As I said, this town is a bit weird.

The big news for October other than my birthday is the town Halloween parade. It's the largest event and the whole town turns out. The theme this year is super heroes. I can only imagine what type of floats they'll come up with. Late summer and early Fall is parade time here. We've already had the Senior's parade, Homecoming parade, Senior's parade, Children's parade, and about a dozen others. Every time I have to drive through town it seems the one street is blocked off for another parade. And yes we have one main street that runs through town. Something my grandmother would have called a one-horse town. lol

The book has been going great - 4 chapters are now done. The 5th has already brought some challenges and a new family with about 70 descendant's to add. Genealogy is a lot of fun but it can be very frustrating. Back to work.....


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