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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Summer is Over

And the temperatures have been reflecting that - overnight in the 50's and daytime temps in the 70's. Very nice to have the windows open and get some fresh air in the house. And thankfully the air conditioner is off - hopefully for the season, but I tend to think we'll have a small return to hot temperatures before it's all over.

I spent the weekend doing piano searching and narrowing down my choices. I would love to buy a grand piano. I've narrowed the brand to Kawai. They make a great piano - I love the sound and like my beloved Bosendorfer, the better models have several open sympathetic strings. Their are a lot of different models to be had, but I'm looking for either a RX7 or and EX. The EX is a 9 foot concert grand and would take up half my house! LOL The RX7 is a 7 foot grand and considered semi-concert. Still a great piano. If you have ever listened to Whisperings - a great all piano internet radio station - they use an RX7 for a lot of their recordings. So now I need Kawai to send me one these babies! So if anyone out there in Frog Nation knows someone from Kawai - let them know and let's make this happen! (Hey Stephen Colbert does it, why can't I? lol).


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