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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A rough couple of day

Gertie and I are staying in bed today! We've had a couple of rough days with people coming and going. I'm upset over the loss of my beautiful shrubs. I have 4 of my hibiscus plants left of the original dozen. The workmen were here for two days to fix the neighbors sewer lines, using both their driveway and mine. Thankfully that fiasco is over with. Over the next two weeks the giant tree right outside my door will also be gone. It was struck by lightning this last summer and I really fear falling branches this winter. There have already been several very large branches that have come down. One that if it had hit the house would have done major damage. That will leave me with 4 trees. And there's a possibility three of them will also go. They are small trees and all have major problems. So better to take them down now before they become big trees with major problems. The landscape here is changing drastically and I'm not sure I'm totally happy about it. I'm hoping in the spring I'll be able to plant a couple of miniature fruit trees. That would make this all worth it.

Another roofer is supposed to be here today to give an estimate for a new roof. Gertie may have to go on a holiday for a couple of days. All that pounding would drive her nuts! Maybe I can go with her......

The temperatures here were in the 90's yesterday and in the 60's today. From the air conditioning to the heat! LOL Only what, 9  days left of summer. The seasons change and we better be able to keep up.


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