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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It was this day in 1937 that J.R.R. Tolkien released There and Back Again or as it is commonly known The Hobbit. I first read this book as a teenager and about every 5 years or so I like to pick it up and re-read it. I don't do that with many books, but this one has stayed with me and I find it quite enjoyable.

Today is doctor appointment day and I know she's going to suggest a colonoscopy now that I'm turning 50. Ugh! I know you have to do it, but it just doesn't sound good at all.

In other news, I'm glad that this weather has moderated to an enjoyable 70's during the day. I have had my air conditioner off for a while. My electric bill will thank me! Sometimes in the afternoon it gets a bit warm so I'll turn it on for an hour or so - not bad at all.

I can't say enough about some of the food I receive from my Schwan's delivery. Last night I had their spicy chicken - delicious!


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