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Monday, August 29, 2011

An Apology to Dad

I can remember from a young age my dad screaming in pain over a kidney stone. He made numerous trips to the emergency room late at night and even had that treatment where they have you sit in the tank of water and break it up with ultrasound. I always thought my dad a strong man, but couldn't imagine that he was in that much pain. Until this last week.

I have spent the majority of the last week laying in bed screaming "Dear Lord, just kill me now and get it over with!" I couldn't imagine that much pain. Thankfully, so far today things have been quiet on the kidney stone front. Maybe tonight I could actually get some sleep.

They say that once you get kidney stones, that you are more than likely to get them again. Oh joy - Dad, accept my apologies and the hospital better keep a bed on reserve!


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