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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wood smoke can cover skunk smell

That's something I did not know until today. Of course, the skunk smell is really slight - you get a whiff every now and again - mostly from the dog, thank goodness. But today the neighbor decided to burn a huge pile of wet wood. I assume it's huge, because the amount of smoke in my living room at the moment is so thick I can't see television - sorry Young and Restless. The fact I can't breathe makes me wish for the skunk smell!

I don't understand this intense desire to set things on fire that my neighbors have. They pile up leaves in a great big pile each fall and set them ablaze. And living next to them during the fall months is painful for the eyes as well as the respiratory system. After each storm they dutifully pick up all the downed branches into a big pile and yep, set them ablaze. Here's the thing. If you push your leaves about 5 feet further - to the curb - the city picks them up. They have this great big truck with a giant vacuum on it that comes along and sucks them up. They take them away to who knows where and who really cares - it's not a smoke filled pile filling my lungs making me wish I started smoking at age 18 so I wouldn't be affected by this. And the limbs after a storm - the city picks them up to as long as you put them at the curb - all you have to do is call them. I don't need to feel what it's like to be a slab of pork in the smokehouse! Ninety plus degree temps and they are out there burning crap.

I now relinquish my spot on the soapbox and return you back to normal viewing......


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