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Saturday, July 30, 2011


I hate weeds. I usually have my lawn guy take down the largest weeds in the flower beds. This year he said no. So I have to do it. And so far I haven't. With the heat as hot as it has been I wasn't getting out there. They'd have to call an ambulance quick! Finally the heat broke a little bit. It rained last night and it was only mid-90's out there today and some of those weeds, taller than I am, were really beginning to bug me. So out I went and spent about half and hour until I was done with the heat. Not all of the weeds are down, but I made a good dent in them. A couple more days like today and I might have them all taken care of.

Of course coming back inside to cool off, Gertie reminded me that she would have been happy to help me but first she had to take a nap. So she curled up next to my feet, happy that my big adventure outside was over and I was back inside where I belonged.


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