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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Telephone Directory Season

You know I've been a little shy about opening my door, especially after dark. But this afternoon Gertie could not hold it any longer and signaled to me that maybe we should chance it. With reluctance I slowly opened the door. No skunk odor. All was well. I flung the door open wide and told Gertie to go play. The first thing that hit us both was a wall of heat - 120 heat index again today, just like every day. It reminds me of that movie Groundhog Day. When we recovered from the heat we saw it - a pile of plastic bags sitting on the ramp - taunting me - telephone directory season has started again.

It takes about a year to get over the fear of opening the door every day for week to see a new phone directory sitting there. And recently there was all the talk about doing away with directories because everyone looks up want they want on-line anyway! But there they were. Back again. So I picked up the 3 books sitting on the ramp and brought them inside. Three down and two to go. There are seriously five different directories for this area and each has something a little bit different. If you want to find a specialty shop you have to look through 5 different books! So you can't throw any of them out. So I brought them inside and found last years for each, put the new ones in, threw the old ones out. Then I heard a thud on the ramp - book four just arrived.......


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