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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

This morning I woke up to the temperatures already in the mid-80's. We're shooting into the hundreds and the heat index is supposed to top out at 112 degrees. Ouch! Way to hot to step outside to do anything. Even Gertie doesn't want to go out. She steps out on the ramp and looks at me as if to say "Do I have to?" The air conditioner is cranked up on high and it's nice and cool inside - I don't know how anyone could live in this heat without it!

I've been working on my genealogy project almost full time these days. I'm getting everything organized in file folders so I can actually find things. The project keeps growing!

Keep cool. Bring the animals inside. And never leave a car or baby in the car while you run into the store for a minute. It's way too hot and a killer. Be cool and be smart.


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