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Thursday, May 26, 2011

And Still More Storms

I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening in the basement with Gertie. I wasn't worried when the thunder and lightning started. I didn't even flinch when the hail started falling. But when the wind started and the trees looked like they were all laying on the ground, and the tornado warning sirens started blaring, I thought it best to get to my safe room in the basement. Which, by the way, I really need to stock with some water and snacks. It gets a bit boring waiting for things to be over.

No real damage around the house - I seem to have weathered it pretty well. There were several tornadoes that touched down here so I'm afraid to see the newspaper and what damage has been wrought on our little community. The tornadoes have been especially dangerous this year - the reason I headed to the basement.

Today more storms are forecast - but thankfully just rain. It's too cold today to foment anything more dangerous. More storms tomorrow too. Now there are flash flood warning up from all the rain. We just can't catch a break!


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