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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank You

I want to thank everyone who sent condolences on the death of my father. It has been one of those experiences that you never wish you have to go through, but know that you eventually will. My dad was a barber in town and was known to several generations within the same family. In my dad's spare time he worked as a volunteer for the ambulance core for over 50 years. At times when it looked as if the ambulance service was going to end, he helped keep it going. He continued his education and became a paramedic, licensed in several states. He started the water rescue unit. He was a father who showed his kids the joys of hunting (I wish I could have felt some of that joy - I felt it a total waste of time because I never got anything! lol). We didn't take a lot of vacations - we camped at places close to dad's barber shop so he could commute. We took several trips to Canada. Dad was the quintessential "pillar of the community," and the community showed its respect on his passing. It was a fitting and loving tribute to his memory to see a line out the funeral home door of people who wanted to pay their respects. To see the ambulance crew in their dress uniforms (it's no longer a volunteer organization) paying tribute to one of their founding members, black across their shields, standing at attention and saluting as the ambulance carrying his casket to the cemetery, passed by the building where all the rescue vehicles are kept awed all of us. There was not a dry eye in the car as we passed by we heard Last Call for my dad. It was all beautiful and my dad would be embarrassed at all the fuss. His strength was a quiet one, and he never expected anything in return for his years of service to the community. He is a man who will be greatly missed by all - especially by this son. Thank you dad for all you did for me - rest in peace.


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