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Friday, April 01, 2011

New Medication

I began taking the new medication that the doctor prescribed. Well, not the one that she wanted to give me, but one that the insurance company finally agreed to pay for. To all the people who cried about the death panels during the last election I can only say that they already exist. We need even more reform of the insurance industry, not less. It's taking a bit of time for me to get used to the medication. Today I spent almost the entire day asleep. I do need the sleep because for a solid month I got about one hour a night. This is my third day on the medication and the last two nights I was able to sleep all night! Hurray! Since I take another pill right before bed time I'm sure I'll end up sleeping all night tonight too. I'm getting caught up on me sleep, but I'm not getting any of my errands done that I've put off for a month.

The medication is working. I no longer scream in pain every time I sit or lie down. That's a big plus! Hopefully I"m on the road to recovery. Then we can go through this big box of new frogs that I have sitting here.

I received several e-mails the last couple days asking about my dad. If you don't remember, he has Alzheimer's and is now bedridden with hospice care. There has been little change in his condition over the last month. Mom thinks he had another seizure and he can now only swallow baby food. The outcome of this is known and it will be no surprise when it happens, but the loss will still be unbearable.


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