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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I finally decided that I had been home for a month, and I had been out of basically everything since the day I arrived, so grocery shopping had to first and foremost. I took all my pain medications and out the door I went. I went past the first two aisles - they were frozen foods and I didn't want to start there. I started the next aisle and thankfully there was a Walmart worker in almost every aisle after that. I was at the store for three hours, and I never made it back to the frozen food aisles. Now I'm planning a return trip for the remainder of the store - dog food, some office supplies I need, and yes, the frozen food aisle. I have to go through my grocery list - it was two pages long, to see if I missed anything that I felt I had to have.

When I arrived home I had to handle all those groceries again, getting them into the house and put away. That was another hour. In between I was bagging up garbage and getting it to the curb because it was garbage night. By the time I was done I plopped down in a chair exhausted. It was then that Gertie chastised me thoroughly for leaving her alone so long and not paying attention to her the minute I came home. With a little attention, I was forgiven and she curled up in my lap and we both took a little nap. Her nap was intentional - mine was not. When I awoke I went to move and every muscle and joint in body screamed in protest.

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good, but unable to move. I've now had a couple doses of my pain killers in me and I'm starting to recover from my shopping trip. I dread going back to Walmart tomorrow, but I want to finish all my shopping and be able to sit back and relax for a few days.


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