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Friday, March 18, 2011

A rough week

It's really has been a rough week here at Frog Central. My leg has left me in excrutiating pain. Or I should say my doctor has - I go back Monday and my first question is going to be "Why didn't you phone the prescription to the pharmacy?" Last Friday she said she would call in a prescription for Lyrica to help with the sciatica pain. I gave up calling on Tuesday and asked them to call me if it was called in. And yes, I did call the doctors office only to find out she was on vacation this week. So I've been stuck in pain. And add to that the fact I've had about an hour's worth of sleep over the last week - I'm beginning to get a little grumpy....

My major concern at the moment is grocery shopping. I have not been since I got back because it I can't walk more than 5 feet without screaming in pain. Now that would be a fun time at the market! That's the bad part about living in a town where you really don't know anyone. Tomorrow I'll have to brave it one way or the other because Gertie's dog food will run out by then. I really do miss the shopping on-line that I could do when I lived in a bit bigger city.


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