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Monday, January 31, 2011

A fun weekend

A family friend and until recently unknown as a distant cousin came over to spend yesterday afternoon. I interviewed her for my genealogy book. It was a lot of fun to hear her tell stories from her early years (she's 84 now) and her ability to remember dates was astounding. She rattled of her children and grandchildren's birthdates with ease. I wish I had such a memory!

The big story here now is the weather. To date we have been spared some of the big snowfall totals that have hit much of the northeast. We are just in the right place that the snow has gone around us. They usually have over 40 inches of snow here in the winter - to date they've had about 15. That is all set to change the rest of the week. Two different storms are set to hit - and they are going to be whoppers. The first is supposed to drop about 6 inches. And the first storm is supposed to be the smaller of the two. So I guess I will be housebound for a while. I do not like driving in the snow at all.

Dad had a pretty good weekend. Each day he has a period of about an hour where he wants to roam and tries to get out of the house - but he is easily led back to safety. It is a far cry from when I first got here. The medication he's taken has mellowed him out considerably. We are no longer covered with bruises from his hitting. He still needs to be supervised 24/7 but I'm able to get a lot of work done on my laptop now. Let's hope that it continues for my last month here.


At 12:39 PM, Blogger ANN said...

Thanks for the comment about Beatrix Pottery. I can sympathize with you about your Dad. My Dad had Alzheimers. When he got to where he couldn't walk, he would crawl. He was in the Nursing Home. He would crawl over the bed railings and crawl around on the floor. They had to lay a mattress down at night (Sundowners Time) beside his bed so he would not hurt himself.

While your are taking care of Dad, don't forget to take care of you and Mom. Sometimes you can forget about yourself in the mist of everything.

God Bless,


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