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Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Post Office

When I decided to come east for three months, I thought how nice it would be to use the premium forwarding service to receive my mail once a week in one package. It is a very expensive service, but I liked the idea of my mail being seperate from everyone else. This was to be the first week of the service. They supposedly mailed my package on Wednesday and I was to receive it yesterday or today. Therein lies the immediate problem. I have not received it at all. Of course the mail did not arrive until after noon, so I can not call until Monday morning to find out where my mail is. I'm not good at sitting and stewing all weekend. I am afraid I will be rather irate by Monday morning and the person who answers the phone is going to get an ear full. In the meantime, I have to pay bills with no bills. That ought to be a lot of fun!


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