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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


If you haven't voted, there is still plenty of time. Get to the polls and pull that lever, or fill in those bubbles, or touch that computer screen - whatever your polling place provides. Thankfully, I live in a small town and I was in and out in about 5 minutes - and only that long because I stopped to talk to someone.

Gertie went to the groomers at the vet office this morning. It was the hyperventilating ride down there for her. I let her curl up behind me (she smushes herself between me and the seat back). I had forwarned them about the experiences she had at the previous groomer, coming home with blood spatters all over her from where they pulled her hair out by the roots. So they took a lot of extra care with her. They spent about a half hour just holding and petting her - generally spoiling her. Then they gave her a bath and cut her nails. Everything was fine but she hated the drying cage - so she came home a little damp. That's ok. They loved her and can't wait to see her again. And I was happy she got some interaction with other people, which she really needs.

The plumber came out to clean the furnace. The filters were caked solid. He said that may have been what caused the air conditioner to stop working and he's going to look at it in the spring, but he's not sure if it can be fixed. Yikes - I can't make it without air conditioning. So not sure what's going to happen there. The furnace is all cleaned and ready for a winter's use. And hopefully cheaper than last year, when I thought I would save money by not having the furnace cleaned. You just can't cut corners on these things.

Finally Gertie and I are back home and both tired from a long day. And tomorrow I have to do it again - the car is going to the garage and I have some other errands to run. Who knew getting ready for a trip East was so exhausting......


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