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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I spent yesterday waiting around for a fed-ed packge to arrive that I knew I had to sign for it. You figure overnight shipping, it would be there by 10 a.m. at the latest. It came shortly after 4. That meant that today I've been going non-stop. I've packed up the majority of my desk needs for the time I'll be gone. Two loads of laundry done and a third is in the dryer. A couple loads first thing tomorrow morning and I should be doing pretty good. I got the suitcases out - which about drove Gertie over the edge. So I'm taking a break for a bit. Tomorrow is going to be another non-stop day with errands around town in the afternoon. Then it's time to start packing the car. Not exactly sure what day I'm going to hit the road for home. We're supposed to have a couple days of rain and I hate the thought of driving in a hard rain.

Now I'm going to make some dinner. I've got a lasagna that I thought I'd make this evening and that should last me a couple of days to be sure. I bought a small cherry pie for dessert. I've been wanting pie for a while now - maybe it's because of the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, when pie is second only to the turkey. I actually would have bought a pumpkin pie but that would have meant going back to the frozen section for some cool whip (or to the dairy, which is even further away, for some whipped cream in a can).

Enjoy the evening - I need to stop and rest.... I get cranky when I don't have my nap!


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