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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Frog of the Day

Hope for Hope
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Yesterday was a reallly bad day. I have a list of errands for each day between now and when I leave to head east. Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to get dog food and treats and a couple odd and ends to make things easier on the road. When I go into my local Walmart I have to make an immediate left hand turn and then walk the front of the building to the pet section, going right past the pharmacy and personal care section where I planned on picking up some hair gel and other miscellaneous items. It took me an hour and a half to make that walk. Not because it was so busy, but because my knee has all but given out. A couple steps, then I had to sit for a while, a couple more steps and then sit some more. It was quite a long process, but I finally made it to the dog food section, only to find they did not have Gertie's dog food in stock. She's enjoying a new brand as I write.

This frog collectible is actually the first in the Hamilton's Hop fo a Cure Frog Collection, but the last one I received. It is called Hop for Hope. They are each limited edition and numbered. This one is numbered 1091A. A portion of each sale goes to breast cancer research. I received this frog November 2010.


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