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Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Do's

I have a to-do list sitting on my desk with all the things I need to get done before I can leave to head to Frog East. Today I got a good chunk of the list done. I ran around town like there was no tomorrow. I got my vitamin B-12 shot in one arm, my flu shot in the other. I made it to the edge of town to the vet's office and they were horrified when I told them what happened the last time I had Gertie to the other groomers and they're going to see her next Tuesday. The nice thing with having it done at the vet's office is that you take her in the morning and she stays all day. So I can run up to the community hall to vote after I drop her off, and still have a day to myself. I finished off my day by hitting Walmart and CVS. It was the busiest hour I've had in a long

Tonight's trick or treat, so I have to turn off my computer so the brightness of the screen won't call any kids to my door. The last time I had a trick or treater to my door was about 16 years ago, when I lived in New Jersey. I would go around the day before Halloween and hand out a bag of candy to each of the 4 children that lived on my cul-de-sac. I felt those were the only local children and the only one's that I had to give candy to. They were all really young - 4 to 6 range and I knew their parents. The reason did that was because on Trick-or-Treat night they arrived by buses from the inner city. I made the mistake one year of walking to the kitchen, in the dark, to get a drink of water. They saw the refrigerator light go on. The banged on the windows and doors screaming "We know you're in there!" I turned on the lights and the outside light, opened the door having already dialed 911 and proceeded to ask them their names - when they told me, I told the 911 operator. I had most of their names as the police cruiser rolled up. I laughed my behind off! Then I got Shadow - she hated children. And she had a low growl that resonated deep in her barrel chest. I never had a problem after that.


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