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Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Nice Weekend

It's been a pretty nice weekend here at Frog Central. The temperatures have turned considerably cooler - threats of frosts over the next few nights are headline news here. I had to turn the heat on last evening and it came on sometime during the night. I awoke to that first heat smell of warm, snuggled back under the covers and went back to sleep. I have to dig out my sweaters! It doesn't seem like Fall lasted too long.....

I went over to St. Stephen's yesterday for their barbecue only to realize that I had gone the wrong day - it was today. Since I was out, I stopped by Burger King - they're having a sale on their Whoppers - 2 for 3 bucks. Since I can only eat one at a time, I figured that I'd have two meals. On the way home I passed the Methodist Church and they were having a Brautwurst Sale, so I got a couple Brauts. That's two days of no cooking! Today I had to head back over to St. Stephens for their barbecue. I've been to just about every barbecue in this town and they are by far the best and this year did not disappoint. Half a chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, slice of bread, and a homemade dessert item for 7 dollars. Awesome! I bought two and each one is worth 2 meals. What am I up to now - three or four days of no cooking. Fantastic!


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