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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Gertie is enjoying the cooler weather! The windows are open and she's wearing herself out keeping track of what's going on outside. Whenever a dog goes by she has to let me know and wants to run out and say hello. So when she runs down, it's time for a little nap. That's when I snapped this picture. I have also been trying to get a picture of her other favorite sleeping position - she puts her head down and the floor and is out like a light, even though she's forgotten her back half which is still up in the air. I honestly don't know how she can sleep in that position, but she does.

Today is Appleknocker Festival Day here in town. It's a great festival that raises money for a lot of local organizations. In return they give half the money they raise to the academic foundation. I decided it was a good day to stay home - you can't get near the place where the actual festival is being held unless you are willing to walk. And that I cannot do.


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