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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit Number 2

This morning I was back at the doctor's office for bloodwork. The vampire lady was out on Monday, and they wanted me to be fasting - so into the office I went. I'm a notoriously hard stick for bloodwork - and I seem to get stuck every 6 months for something. Not a good combination at all. We finally have it down to one vein in the middle of my forearm. She always says, "This is going to hurt - a lot!" And indeed it does. Afterwards I hung around and got my vitamin B-12 shot. Then it's back out to the front office to pay. If I thought Monday was expensive seeing the doctor - that was just a warm up to having blood drawn. $280.00! Good lord - they only took out two little tubes. For that price I should be laying on the floor with 3/4 of my blood missing because of the number of tests they're running. I had thought it would be nice to go out to breakfast afterwards. Instead I came home to a piece of toast and a cup of hot chocolate.....


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