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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I finally ventured to the grocery store today. My knee has been really bothering me for a while, but I took an extra pain killer and headed off. An hour and a half later I was heading home with hopefully enough groceries to last several weeks. I got just the necessities - I really need to do a very thorough shopping, but honestly, I started up and down the aisle and I was saying to myself - tired of this, don't like that...... I guess I just wasn't into it. Well, at least that is until I hit the ice cream I bought a container of Americone Dreams by Ben and Jerry's. Yummy!

Gertie was so glad that I came back that once everything was put away and I settled down, she curled up in my lap and slept for several hours, her tail thumping the whole time.

I received some really interesting news on "the project" today. My genealogy research has taken me to the civil war archives. I ordered the records last week and was surprised when they showed up today. I was told it would take several months. Anyway, it confirmed my suspicions about a distant cousin. Now if I could just get his marriages straightened out. That's the next thing.....


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