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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Project

The last two days I've been steeped in research. I found a new site that is a wealth of information. I guess you should have a little fear of what you might find. Today I found a great-great-great-great grandfather who when he was in his 70's married a 20 year old. Yep, they even had gold diggers back then. Their marriage night she locked herself in a room and told him if he came near her she would shoot him! LOL Poor guy. When he divorced her 4 months later he lost his farm and half his money to her. Plus he had to pay her alimony! Guess they didn't have prenuptual agreements back then.

Gertie has been none to pleased with my latest research find because I've been spending too much time at the computer. This evening I'm powering down, unplugging, and spending some quality time with my little pooch.


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