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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Loss of Air Conditioning

Today we're under heat advisories as it is so late in the season to be into the 90's. This afternoon I was sweating bullets and realized it was nearly 90 degrees inside! I went down to the basement to see if the circuit breakers had been tripped - they have not. The air conditioner is not working. Now the dilemma - have it fixed now on the last hot day of the year, or wait until spring when temps start to get warm again. I've decided to leave that up to the plumber. If he gets here today he can go ahead and fix it - if it he calls me late tonight and says he can come by tomorrow I'll tell him to wait until spring. Either way, he'll be here next month cleaning the furnace and getting it ready for winter.

I decided today to take a day away from "The Project." I've been pushing hard all day, every day for some time now and thought I needed a day away to get perspective on it. Tomorrow I'll be re-energized and ready to go again.


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