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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A hot weekend

It's a hot weekend and I forgot to turn on the air conditioning. Until a couple of minutes ago. It will probably take all evening to cool down. And of course I've turned on the oven to cook dinner.

Of course I could eat Bugles for dinner. I was perusing the internet and looking for coupons for Bugles snacks. Lately that's been my snack of choice. When I came across a site that was selling a case for much less that I could buy at the store. And if I bought two cases, they would throw in free shipping. Who could refuse that? I didn't realize the ramification of this decision until today when two gigantic boxes showed up at the door. Oh My Lord! (as grandma would say). That's 16 large bags of Bugles snacks. I have enough snacks for the next year......

I'm always happy when my research for the genealogy book provides a whole new family of cousins. Such was the situation today. I had been looking through old newspapers, finding little tidbits of who is visiting who. I came across an entry of someone visiting their aunt. A bit of digging further and I come across a name of a living relative. I contacted her and a whole new set of relatives appear. Lots of brothers and sisters, all have children, grandchildren, and even some great grandchildren. And the book continues to grow.....


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