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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Doctor's Office

This afternoon I had to go to the doctor's office. It's really an all-day affair. The morning was spent spending extra time getting ready. It's like getting ready for a date where you might get groped inappropriately and you know ahead of time you're not getting a kiss afterwards. Finally you arrive at the doctor office and there you sit in the office and wait an extra fifteen minutes. I think she keeps me waiting that long just so I'll think she is really, really busy - even though I'm the only person in the waiting room. Finally you get ushered to that little room where, between the nurse and the doctor, you feel like a piece of meat being looked over and judged. Your flaws are pointed out and things they wish you had done better over the last six months, but didn't, are given that unspoken tsk! tsk! tsk! Papers are rattled, prescriptions given, and you realize that you've forgotten to tell her about a pain your having. Unfortunately the doctor's coat is swirling as she turns to head out the door and anything you say now will fall on deaf ears. Better luck next appointment......


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