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Friday, September 24, 2010

AC - Round Two

My plumber called early this morning. By the way, some people have written and asked why I called a plumber for my air conditioning. A lot of plumbers also do heating and air conditioning - he happens to be one of them. He's old school and really good. Of course when he called he was in Michigan on a family emergency. He wa sending a stand-in. The stand-in put some coolant in the system and walked away, never checking to see if that was actually the problem. It wasn't. I had the air conditioner set at 50 degrees and the temperature inside was 80. Same as yesterday. Thankfully, it has cooled off quickly and the weather for next several days is supposed to be downright frigid. Any further repairs will have to wait until my regular guy comes back.

I spent the whole day working on a genealogy problem. I have two Williams that both married an Ella. I now know which one married which and tomorrow I'll double check the census records and then get all the information into the book. It's a long slog working on double checking all my information and inputting all the footnotes. I'll be glad when the whole project is done.


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