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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Dog Blogging

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The weekend here at Frog Central has been a hot one and Gertie and I have been lazing about doing much of nothing. Gertie was even too done in with the heat to chase a rabbit that crossed her path - she just looked at it and then turned around came back inside where it's cool and took a nap. Yesterday she slept in until after 8 a.m. - I almost cried! This morning she was back to her usual 7 o'clock, but even that is a luxury compared to when Shadow used to wake me up.

I snapped this picture after I told her to bring me one of her toys - she turned around and looked at me as if to say "Which one did you want?" She has her two favorite toys beside her. Often I'll ask her to bring me one and she'll bring the other - or whichever one she wants to play with at the moment. She's smart as a whip though - she brings the toy and drops it at my feet and as bend down to pick it up she'll pick it up and hand it to me. Well, mouth it to me. She picks up whatever I'm trying to teach her pretty quick. An all around good dog for the most part.


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