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Friday, August 06, 2010

A Long Day

It's Thursday night (well, technically Friday morning) and I'm finally getting ready to go to bed. This morning I had planned a lot of errands. I did get some of them done, but only the absolute necessary ones. Tomorrow I'll end up running out to finish things up. Things got way-layed today by Gertie. She woke up fine but around 9 a.m. she came up limping - not willing to put weight on her one back leg. She wanted to be held. So up in my arms she came while I checked out her paw and leg. She didn't wince at all, so I held her for a while and she seemed happy. I finally had to put her down to see what was going on with the leg. She turned right around and wanted to be held again. So I hopped in the shower and got myself ready to take her to the vets office. When I came out of the bathroom she's running around, like what's going on - where you going. I watched her for a bit and she seemed to be fine. I ran off to do my errands and made it home in about 15 minutes. Not bad for the bank, department of motor vehicles, subway and DQ. Gertie spent the rest of the day wanting me to hold her. She's finally curled up, sound asleep at my feet. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be feeling better.

I love going to the department of motor vehicles here - I was the only person there. They had my stuff ready before I could get the check written. They're located right next to the ice cream/donut shop - you don't know how bad I wanted to stop! I was hungry for a hoagie so I went to subway and got a tuna fish hoagie (yeah, I call them hoagies! LOL). I finished off my errand running by going to DQ - it was miracle network day and all the proceeds from the purchase of a blizzard treat went to a local family. I got my favorite - peanut butter cup pieces.

Unfortunately with all that went on today I didn't get any genealogy work done. Maybe tomorrow after I get home from my vitamin B shot. I stopped by there today but it was about 5 minutes after 12 and they were all at lunch until 1. They told me I could sit and wait - no thank you. You know after they got back from lunch I'd still have to wait the customary half hour before they got to me. I'll head over in the morning instead - and maybe stop down and get a donut on the way home.....


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