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Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Friday

Every month for about 5 months now I've been going and getting a vitamin B shot. Before I started the shots I was so tired I would get out of bed and an hour or two later go take a nap. The first shot I got - I can only imagine that if this was what normal feels like, you people live on speed! It was like I had so much caffeine coursing through my system I was running around like the energizer bunny times two. After three days it was like I hit a brick wall and what a let down. I've said that I'm now like a heroin addict in that every time I get the vitamin shot I hope that I'll get that rush like the first time - but no. Each month I get the shot and I feel nothing - until this month. My vitamin B level must be coming up a bit because I've felt pretty good with this last shot two weeks ago. Until yesterday. Today I'm back to feeling like I'm walking knee deep in molasses in January.

I received my genealogy numbering and formatting book yesterday and so today I've been incorporating that method into what I've already typed. I've got about 12 pages done. Not much but a good start and as I go back over it and fill in this new formatting, I'm glad I didn't make it too much further. It takes a lot of concentration and constant re-reading to be sure that you have everything exactly as it is supposed to be. I'm sure after I work with the system for a few more days it will seem like old hat, but for now I'm referring to the book and examples frequently.

Gertie did something new today that made me laugh so hard. And since she got a reaction out of me she kept it up for a bit. She crawled into my lap while I was watching television, put her paws squarely on my chest, looked me in the eyes, and started "talking" to me. I thought I'd die laughing as she stood right there and kept going. I don't know what she wanted - maybe she was bitching me out. But after she said her piece she laid down in my lap and took a nap.


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