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Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Dog Blogging

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An update on Gertie - she's doing really well. She woke up this morning and was running around like normal - ready to play. It reminded me of what Shadow's vet always told me when I went running over with her - let's watch it for 24 hours. Here she is - waiting for me to get off the computer.

When Gertie finishes one of her rawhide bones I'll ask her where her bone is - she'll look around and then back at me. I'll say do you need a new one and she goes running over to the spot where I keep the rawhide. It's become a fun game. Today she still had a little bit of her old bone and I said where's your bone - she went running over to the spot with the new ones. It made me laugh - and she got a new bone. But like a good little puppy, she hid the new one and finished the old one.

I went this morning for my vitamin B shot - I hope it kick in soon. And yes I went and got a donut as a treat. And it was delicious. Tomorrow I'm going to a BBQ and getting some pork burgers! Then Sunday is another BBQ for the emergency services squad. It's going to be a busy wekend!


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