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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Friday, July 09, 2010

A Very Late Friday Night

The last couple days seemed to just fly by. In the midst of everything else I tried to get some housework caught up today. Yesterday was grocery shopping, today housework. Now I'm exhausted. Good news in that the doorbell hasn't been rung by the mysterious stranger in two days. I hope my threat of the police got through to him.

I did find some time over the last few days to work on my genealogy project. Lots of new and promising leads. I've sent out a bunch of e-mails and hope to get some responses. It must be kind of weird to receive an e-mail from someone that knows a lot of information about you. With the internet today, it's easier than ever to find information on someone - which is both awesome and scary.

I don't think Gertie was feeling to well yesterday. A number of times she came up to me and jumped like a little kid wanting to be picked up - which is exactly what she wanted. She put her head on my shoulder and would be out like a light. I did get a bit concerned last night - she did a morning pee yesterday morning and then nothing more all day. And all night. Finally this morning about 8:30 she went out and the waterworks started again. She's been much livelier today and so we had to spend some time on and off all day playing. Gertie finally wound down a little bit ago and decided to curl up at my feet while I work on the computer.

Did you like the frog yesterday? I don't know if it is the last one in that series - it's a pretty cool series though. I received another new frog which is also part of a series. I'll put that up the beginning of this next week.

Mom's birthday is this next week. It's a big one - but I'll be a gentleman and not tell her age. I'll just say you know how many trombones were in the big parade - she's going to be one less. Hey it's better than the coronets! (Look it up).

I talked tonight with EH in Mississippi. His parents had been to visit this last weekend and so he's enjoying a bit of down time now that they've headed home. I'd like to head down to visit him - but not in the middle of the summer. I think it's way too hot here. He laughs and says he wishes it would cool off to what the temps are here. Now that's hot. And he tells me it's really sticky. And really buggy - he has lizards that stick to his doors evenings. OK - I'm staying right here, thank you very much.

We had a new gas station open here in town. They had a big grand opening yesterday. I went over but you couldn't get near the place with a soup spoon. They were giving away tickets to a lot of events - so everyone was trying to get in on that. Tomorrow there's a dinner at the NMN Club (No More Nicotine Club) - I don't smoke, never have - but it's a benefit dinner for a young man who was killed here recently. They're making a memorial fund for the school, so I thought I'd go up - it's only two blocks away. There's also a fish fry at the Oddfellows Lodge - I hate fish, but I thought I should go to show my support. Right after that we're having the start of our county fair. It's getting into a busy time here in Tidy Town.

But for now, I think I'm off to bed....


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