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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Hot Days

Today things have cooled down here at Frog Central - today we're only at 111 heat index - lol. Yesterday I ran some errands first thing in the morning and I did the same thing again today. Get out and get back before the heat really sets in. Other than that, Gertie and I spend our days trying to keep cool and figuring out thing to make to eat without heating up the oven.

I've been extremely tired the last few days. I am overdue for my vitamin B shot. I'm holding off till the beginning of next week because I won't get the next one until mid-September. I want to change the time line a bit so that I'm not trying to get a shot the day after Thanksgiving and the time between Christmas and New Years.

Thank goodness Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are back this week. I was really going stir crazy in the evenings without their comedy take on the day's news stories.

Gertie informs me it is nap time - long overdue in my book.....


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