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Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Just In Time

I've been out running errands. In this heat - Ugh! The usual spots, the bank, post office, Walmart, CVS, etc. I just made it in the house when the skies got so dark I thought it was night time. The wind is whipping up quite a bit and I'm hoping that we don't get the hail that other communities have gotten. The best thing about a storm is that it will hopefully cool it off a bit afterwards. Who knows. The weatherman says that it's supposed to be major heat warnings until the weekend. All I know is that I melted out there in the heat. I didn't want to go out, but the errands had been piling up.

NC called today - it was the last day of her job. Her choice to leave and move on to something new. When you're a nurse you can do those things. Anybody else would be scared to death to lose a job in this economy.

No word yet from AB, but she has a Facebook page. I just joined this morning and have no clue to what I'm doing, but I'm hoping that she'll add me as a friend and tell me how to do this thing! I joined so I could connect with quite a few people that are distant cousins. There are a number of clustered little groups that I've found while searching for my genealogy project. It's all slowly coming together and I hope that I'll be able to start putting everything into some kind of order soon. I'd like to have a book published sometime next year with my findings. We'll see.

I guess the thunder and lightning are flashing pretty good so I'm going to post this and I'll be back later. I have someone who is looking for a particular Toad Abode and I'm hoping that you can help me find him one. Because everyone knows my readers are the best!


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