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Thursday, July 01, 2010

The heat wave has finally broken

I awoke this morning to a nice cool 58 degrees. It was wonderful! Gertie has spent a lot of time outside today, enjoying the ability to run around without overheating. The reprieve is will be short lived - but so much needed. Especially after I got my electric bill!

It's been interesting doing genealogy research the last couple of days. Very little divorce seemed to take place - until recent times. Now I'm dealing with people who have married and divorced two or three times and each person they marry has been married two or three times and there are kids by everyone all around. Very confusing indeed.

It was strange to look around outside today and know that Charley's place sits empty. I tell you this, I wish I could afford to buy his place if it goes on the market. His place doesn't have a basement and is entirely ground level - even the entrance. Very walker friendly.


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