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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heat Index 117

I am so not kidding. I stuck my head out and I couldn't catch my breath! So for the forseeable future I'm staying inside with the air conditioning running non-stop - I can't wait to see this electric bill. Gertie wanted to go out a bit more frequently today, but she didn't stay out long. I was surprised at the number of people walking down the sidewalk. They've got more gumption than I do.

I spent the day doing genealogy research and made a big leap forward. I like days like that. I've been working months on this one particular line and I'm finally seeing the end of the initial research in sight. A couple more weeks - I hope. You just never know.

Tomorrow I have to search through the refrigerator and freezer to see what I can make without turning on the stove. I turned it on yestrday to make a pizza and I was sorry for hours afterwards. Living in a small place means it heats up quickly when the stove is on. The pizza was big enough that I was able to munch on it all day so I didn't have to cook. I could eat spicy cajun mix all day - lol.....


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