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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heat Index 104

Just another day baking in the mid-west. I looked to see if my belly button popped out because I'm sure done with this weather. And there's still August to go. Ugh! I spent yesterday morning running around doing more errands - it seems like they never end. I had to go to the insurance company. They keep sending me postcards to come in and make sure my insurance needs are where they should be. Yep, they are. Another day, another trip to the post office. I was glad to get home before it got too hot.

We had quite a few thunderstorms here yesterday, which knocks out the cable and internet access. Today the weatherman says that the storms will be even stronger. The neighbor across the street lost a tree - whether for wind or a lightning stike I don't know. It closed the road for a bit while the city, in the midst of the storm, was out taking down the remainder of the tree and clearing the road. I have to say the city services are good like that.

Today Gertie and I have stayed inside and kept cool. We did receive a package this morning from a company called GeorgeHowe. They are a candy and snack company. When I lived in Champaign, a couple hours north of my present location, the local supermarket used to carry these snack mixes in big barrels. My favorite was a spicy cajun mix. I had not found it around here so I finally went to the internet. Some places it's really expensive - but then I found GeorgeHowe candy and snacks. Ridiculously cheap! I bought 10 pounds for about 15 bucks. Needless to say, I was in heaven when I opened that package. It's one of those snacks that lasts a while. I spent all afternoon munching on a small bowl - YUMMY! I also bought some great spiced jelly beans and Bassett's licorice. I highly recommend the site.

I had a great genealogy lead from a distant cousin, who is a folk singer in the upstate New York area. I'm looking forward to hearing some of her music and maybe I can grap a clip to put up here.

Now I think I'm going to go watch the news to see what's going on in the world.....


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