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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Long Charley

Neighbors are a funny thing. When you move into a place you just never know what kind of neighbor you're going to get. I have a nice lady who lives right next to me on the left side. On the right side - you have to go across the stree - lives the mad shitter. I call him that because for the longest time he brought his dog into my yard to do its business. He no longer seems to have the dog so I haven't seen him other than the lawn tractor testosterone fest that happens when my lawn guy shows up - and then he's across the street. Directly in front of me - across the street I have a couple really nice neighbors that wave when they see you and other than that you never know they're there.

Then there's Charley. Charley lives directly behind me. My bedroom window is only several feet from his driveway, so I knew of his comings and goings - even when I didn't want to. I've only talked to Charley once - he introduced himself as he handed back my garbage can that had blown over into his yard during a really bad storm. After he introduced himself he told me that I should tie my garbage can down so that it wouldn't blow into his yard again. I've written a lot about the fact that he mows his yard almost daily - having a vacuum attachment he would sweep his yard. The mower has gone silent. Charley died this last weekend. He was one of those guys who was always moving and on the go. I was amazed that for a guy in his 80's just how much energy he had. So Long Charley. I can only hope that whoever my new neighbor will be - will be pretty much just like you - minus the lawn mower.....


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