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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bird Woes

Last night I let out Gertie for an evening roam in a bit cooler temperatures, if such a thing is possible. There on the ground right off the ramp, near the door, was a little baby robin. It still had its downy feathers and could not fly. The nest it fell from is a regular spot that robins have used every year since I've been here. In the past I've even seen some of the baby robins on the railing of my ramp, having just learned to fly and still under the watchful eyes of their parents. This little bird, though, was all alone and crying for its parents. I felt bad, but as I've already learned this season, nature is, at times, cruel.

You may remember earlier this spring my telling of a little squirrel that had fallen out of the tree. Still alive, all it could do was lift its head. It died shortly thereafter and became a meal for some animal willing to eat carion. And such was the fate of this poor little robin. It became a swift meal for a neighbor's cat just after dark.

I felt bad this morning to see on the railing of the ramp a large robin, calling over and over - obviously looking for its little chick. Gertie's morning duty call put an end to the robin's search. It flew off alone.

It's been that kind of day here at Frog Central. Little has gone right. I've been waiting since the beginning of May for a part for my vaccuum cleaner. It finally came today - the wrong part. I found another place on line that has the proper part and hopefull it will get here soon. In the meantime, the other part goes back.

My printer ran out of black ink and I opened a new cartridge but couldn't get it to fit in the printer. Finally I realized I had opened a color cartridge - which I didn't need to change. It got changed anyway and I've put in an order for a couple new black cartridges.

On a more exciting note, the genealogy research I did has turned up some new people. Always interesting stuff.


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