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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Trip to the Vet's Office

Gertie was so excited that I was heading outside with her - she follows right along in heel position nicely. That excitement faded to sheer terror when I opened the car door. I guess she's still traumatized from the car ride to the east coast and back. When Gertie gets scared she starts shaking like a leaf. By the time we made the 2 mile trek to the vet's office I swore that the cars behind me were following to be sure that a dog with seizures was alright. We were like a soap opera with our antics. I guess they felt as long as I was at the vet's office they could go on by and hope for the best. Gertie's anxiety reached new levels when we went through the door of the vet's. That's when she became a permanent adornment to my chest - a really large nipple ring, and I can only imagine as sore as she was also getting her nails trimmed but which hadn't happened yet. Who knew rib bones could do the job! We finally made it into the little room with the metal table and she had her yearly shots, weighed in at 19 1/2 pounds (Mom was right - she has grown quite a bit this last year), and then came the nail trimming. At this point Gertie felt she could escape by climbing down my shirt. What I didn't expect was the vet to go right down my shirt after her! After a few minutes of a routine straight out of three stooges, we were finally finished and the vet and I were only mildly bloodied. He a bit more mildly than me if I might say so. The visit was over and it was back into the car for the ride home. Of course this time people following me over a convulsing dog probably thought I was the meanest ever when I turned into my driveway and wasn't rushing the other direction to the vet's office. Gertie jumped out of the car, gave me a little dirty look, and romped around the yard like nothing had just happened. I came inside licked my wounds and took a nap - I was exhausted.


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