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Friday, May 07, 2010

Tidy Town Strikes Back

The Tidy Town Inspector showed up my door yesterday to let me know that my lawn was out of compliance and that I had 24 hours to get into compliance or be fined $500.00 per day for every day I was out of compliance. Well didn't that just make my day. First off, I walk with a walker - so I hire my lawn done. Secondly, my lawn was scheduled to be done this last weekend. If you've seen the national news - this area got about a foot of rain over the weekend. My lawn guy had already been by to see if it was dry enough to this weekend. The inspector didn't really care and issued me a warning letter. So last night, in the dark, my lawn got mowed. And I hope it pissed off whichever neighbor was kind enough to turn me in.

My big worry is these small town blow-hards. Now he has me in his sights he'll probably be here all the time for one complaint or another. I don't drink, but I think I need a beer.....


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